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Have you ever wondered how food is being sorted these days.

Well, TOMRA has thought it through in a very good way.  They produce machinery that is able to sort shrimps, raisings, dried nuts, potatoes, frozen vegetables, berries, etc …. at lightning speed.

So I was up for the challenge to photograph their products in order to show customers how the sorting of food works, what their machinery can deliver and what the performance is of their sorters.

So I spent the day photographing their sorting machines in order to get a variety of images.  From the feeder, that brings the food down to the sections where it is being sorted – it all had to be photographed.

It was really a fun-filled day of shooting, but it stretched both the photographer, its gear and equipment to the max.  Thanks to the help of the team at TOMRA, we came up with some great and interesting images, of which a small impression will be shown here.

Dried nuts falling into the feeder.
Cashew nuts falling onto the feeder.
Raisins in the feeder.
Raisins on the feeder.
Nuts falling through the device that scans the "to be sorted" products.
Nuts falling over the device that scans the “to be sorted” products.
Shrimps on a conveyer belt, being scanned.
Shrimps on the conveyer belt, being scanned.
Sorting of shrimps at high speed.
Sorting of shrimps at high speed.
Potatoes being sorted at high speed.
Potatoes being sorted at high speed.

And finally, a “behind the scenes” peak, taken as an instagram image.

Instagram "behind the scenes" look ...
Instagram “behind the scenes” look …